Farsali Rose Gold Elixir | Mini Sephora Haul

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My skin care regimen or lack thereof is something I’ve always had difficulty talking about… When I hit puberty acne became a permanent part of my life and lasted through about the age of 21 or so….  thanks hormones. And would pop back in every now and then.  My entire life I wished I took after my mom, and got her naturally beautiful, blemish free skin but I inherited my dad’s skin imperfections… Because my mom never had an actual skin care regimen or never really wore make up, I never got into a habit of using special face washes or creams either… If I told you my holy grail products you’d think I’m joking.

Like every other teenager, I thought wearing tons of makeup was the only thing that could make you look beautiful.  It was always an uphill battle trying to wear make-up… I hated the full coverage look because it always gave me a “caked-on” face with clearly visible acne bumps and the lighter coverage would look great for a day or two but cause me to break out even more! It wasn’t until I was in my early twenties that I finally tried bare essentials.  THIS worked wonders for my skin… it was the perfect amount of coverage and NEVER caused me to break out.  Since then I’ve been an avid fan and never looked for anything else.  Leave me a comment below if you’d like me to do a full on post on my every day make up / my skincare routine / life-long battle with makeup.

As my twenties are graciously make their exit, I’m finding it more and more important to start implanting a skin care routine that works best for my skin.  It’s so easy to follow your favorite bloggers and do what they’re doing and honestly – I’ve been there, done it all but what I’ve learnt is that your skin is not going to be similar to anyone else’s. Do what works for you – not what’s currently trending in the make-up/skincare market.  With that being said – I’ve been following Farah Dukhai for years.  She is a blogger that used all natural products for skin care and hair removal and it was intriguing – {Side Note : my mom always warned me the more chemicals I used on my face/body the more I’d break out and boy was she right} Watching Farah’s journey from DIYs to Farsali hitting the top seller list on Sephora has been incredibly inspiring.  Knowing that Farah is an advocate for all things natural. I have been thinking about getting the Rose Gold Elixir since the day it launched …

I pass by a Sephora on my way to and from work.  Last week I finally decided to stop in and take a look at the elixir serum. I mean come on I’m 29 and don’t use anything to protect my skin from aging or pigmentation? After a discussion with the staff at Sephora, I couldn’t decide between the rose gold elixir and the unicorn tears… I left with two samples, enough to last me about 4 days (4 uses of each).  I went home and just couldn’t wait to test it out… I washed up and applied it all over my face and neck, went to the kitchen to grab some water before hitting the bed, I come back into my bedroom and see red patches alllllll over my FACE.  I was furious and lost all hope. How could my skin react to natural oils? I woke up the next morning and the red blotching was all gone, I actually noticed a slight radiance in my skin, I still was unsure of how I felt about the product but didn’t want to swear off of it when others were getting such good results! Why not me?! I tried it again the second night and had no reaction at all.  I used the serum for a full four days and had to go back for a full sized bottle immediately.  I’ve been using the product for a total of ten days or so and I can officially say it’s made its way to onto my holy grail.  My skin looks revived and blemish free and I am a happy camper.


You may be wondering why I didn’t mention the unicorn essence – honestly because I never tried it and felt like the back of the label read to many names that I couldn’t even pronounce – and you know what mamma said about chemicals? I’m sure it’s a great product but I was looking for a deeper/invigorating/moisturizing product as opposed to a makeup primer. In no way am I a makeup/skin care guru – this just my honest opinion of the product and how well it took to my skin. Retrospectively, I should have taken some before and after pictures… If you’ve used Farsali products comment below and let me know what your experience is!



How does one go to Sephora and not pick up a few other things? I picked up a new Anastasia Beverly Hills Lippie in the shade “lovely”.  It’s the perfect pink for my slighted tanned face this summer.  This rose mask was calling my name as I stood in line to pay – how could I resist?  I can do a review on it once I build the courage to experiment some more with my face.

&& let’s just take a second to shout out Farah for making it big && shout out to her husband for honestly making her dreams come true I mean can we say #relationshipgoals!

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